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How HumanKind Works

Every HumanKind user is required to donate a small percentage of whatever they earn on the platform to their favorite causes and charities. We get them set up with all the traditional credentials, then ask them to create unique donation rules that will define where and how much they’d like to give back. Everyone also gets a kindness “score” that goes up based on how much they do on the platform. Tour score can affect the kinds or amounts of rewards you receive.

HumanKind users have lots of ways to earn and take action, including items for sale, help wanted, charitable posts (kind of like GoFundMe) and more. Businesses and charities can post to the platform as well, creating coupons and offers that give back.

You could decide you want to mow someone’s lawn, buy a pizza from Domino’s, or donate to a family in need. And even more ways to post are waiting in the wings.

Regardless of what you decide to do, every time you do something kind on the platform, you earn money for your charities and add to your kindness score. Imagine buying a Domino’s pizza, and they give 20% of the total price to your favorite charities! On the HumanKind platform it’s always a win-win.


Partner With Us

We're working towards go-live in the next few months. Right now, we're identifying key partners that share our vision of giving back and would like to collaborate on our roadmap to launch.

If you or someone you know are part of a socially conscious business or charitable organization that might be interested in participating, please sign up with your contact information below.


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